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You need to return your products using the same channel as you ordered them.

I ordered my products online paid Justine directly, and received my order directly from Justine. Express delivery, standard delivery or collection point.

Returns are Free within 14 days, and refunded within 7 days of receiving your completed documentation

How do I return my product?


Step 1:

Simply download the Customer Returns Booking form here E-mail the completed form to or call us on 087 011 2866.

Step 2:

Once your return is accepted, the courier will contact you and arrange collection at your earliest convenience

• Complete the returns slip, available on your original invoice, and place the picking slip and your item in the original Justine box that your order was delivered in.

• Ensure the goods are in a good condition for us to proceed your refund, seal the box well

• When the courier arrives to collect, hand over the sealed box with your picking slip and item for return inside.

Step 3:

Your return will be received by us for validation and processing

Step 4:

Refund will be processed within 7 days

• Should you wish to query this return, contact us on and use your Customer ID as a reference. You can place a new order on our website at your convenience to replace the item if we have stock available.

Please note

• The products should be returned to Justine within 14 working days of delivery of the goods.
• Products should be returned in good condition to qualify for a refund.
• For a full refund on products with a gift, please return both or your refund will not be processed.
• Once you receive your returns form, please indicate on it what your reason for returning is based on the following:

Damaged items (Eg. Bottle broken, Bag Torn) o Allergy / Skin irritation

Wrong colour / Item looked different on the website 

Product didn’t work (Eg. Aerosol broken) 

Wrong Size

Duplicate Order (Received 2 orders the same)

Product not in my delivery box

If an item you ordered is not the box? Simply Follow the returns process above, and indicate within the reasons for return that the product was not in your delivery box I ordered my products through a consultant

Simply contact your Representative directly to arrange your refund and return.