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Shopping online is easy. We offer you 24/7 access to over 1000 beauty products and promotions every month! We stand4her and support women and their independence, so all orders placed online are always linked to our network of micro-entrepreneurs. Finding a consultant is easy and is automatically included in the check-out process. The choice is yours, whether to receive your order from your local consultant, or through direct delivery from the Justine Head Quarters in Gauteng.

Payment options with online orders

Avon accepts the following payment options for your choice and convenience.

    • Credit/Debit Card (visa or Mastercard only)
    • Cash on Delivery (Representative Delivery only)

Delivery methods

Choose how you shop online with Justine. Shop through your local online Consultant and receive the convenience of online shopping with the personal touch. Shopping online with Justine is all about choice. That's why we let you decide the delivery method that works best for you:

Consultant Delivery

If your local Consultant offers FREE Personal Delivery you will be able to select this option at checkout.

  • FREE personalised delivery service (within a defined area)
  • Delivery time is usually 5-15 business days
  • Your Consultant will contact you to confirm price, arrange delivery time, location and payment
  • You can contact your Consultant at any time with queries about your order

Direct delivery to you – Quicker, more convenient access to your beauty favourites, from Head Office or your doorstep in under 5 days

You can now shop online, pay us directly through our secure payment options, and choose the most convenient delivery options for you, from our Head Quarters, to your doorstep Every order will still be linked to a representative, but using this option, you choose not to receive delivery from her.

Currently limited to the Gauteng Area Only.

  • Standard Delivery (R68) - Your order is delivered within 5 days of placing your order.
  • Express delivery (R105) - Your order is delivered within 2 days of placing your order. Your Consultant will contact you to confirm price, arrange delivery time, location and payment
  • Collection Points - The ideal option if you wish to purchase online from Avon but are not at home due to a busy schedule. Your order is delivered within 3-5 days of placing your order.

Please note, direct delivery is not available to remote locations or outside of South Africa. To purchase Justine products outside of South Africa, you may want to access: Within the Avon Global Directory, first click on your Region, then click on your Country to view your local website.

What are the benefits of shopping online with an Justine Consultant?

Shopping online with a Consultant, like having a personal shopper. They will help you choose the products that are right for you, recommend complementary products and personally deliver your order at a time and place that suits you.

How do I find my local online Justine Consultant?

  • Go to Find your local Consultant
  • Enter their name or contact details in the ‘Know who you’re looking for?’ area
  • Select your Consultant's profile
  • Reconnect and start shopping!

How do I return or replace a product?

We know you'll love our products as much as we do, however if for some reason you need to refund or replace a purchase take a look at our returns page.