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Say Hello to Justine’s Brand New Blog

At Justine, our philology is simple… Beauty enhanced by Science. We find the best breakthroughs come when we combine the richness of nature with the innovation of science. Two perfectly paired combinations, leading the way in skincare, beauty, fragrance & body care. Justine continues to stand among the world’s most renowned skincare houses in the world. Offering South African skin’s, the very best in specialized skincare solutions. What better way to share our passion for what we do, than with the launch of very own Justine blog, called The Purest.


Specialised Insiders

We have teamed up with the cream of the crop in the beauty industry to offer you the latest news, insider tips & tricks and all you need to know in this ever changing industry.We want you to be the first to know of exciting product launches at Justine and what is happening both locally and internationally. From the streets of sunny Cape Town to the foothills of Brazil, you will have your bi-weekly scoop of all things beauty!



The Simple Truth 

We believe less is more, that is why we keep ingredients simple, yet achieve extraordinary results. A blue print first achieved with the creation of Justine Tissue Oil and carried through everything we stand for. We have been trusted for generations to offer the best in skincare both locally and internationally. Offering skincare solutions with proven results. 



Tried & Tested 

Our products are formulated in South Africa to address our countries unique needs. Justine has been trusted for generations and continues to offer skincare solutions for our every changing environment. Our ingredients are sourced locally, and adapted to achieve extra ordinary results.

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