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Justine Top 5

This month I am sharing my absolute MUST-HAVES and what I am reaching for every day from my beauty cabinet. A lot of these products are newly introduced to my every day routine, and for the past few weeks since using them, have seen unbelievable results in my skin. Oh, and the perfume I have chosen is deliciously suited to these cold winter days.

Top 5


​ A-Firm Intensive Collagen Serum

There is no better investment than looking after your skin. This is one area I do not skimp on. The new Justine A-Firm Intensive Face & Neck Collagen Boosting Serum will restore skin’s youthful glow and rebuild your cells from within. Applied to face & décolletage every morning and evening before you apply your day & night cream.​


Zahara Eau de Parfum

This is my favourite scent from the Justine portfolio. Sophisticated, alluring and timeless, this is a beautifully feminine scent, day or night. Enticing citrus contrasts with mystical jasmine before deepening into warm sandalwood to make you truly captivating.



Purely Perfect Mineral Powder SPF 15

Beautifully fine loose mineral finishing powder. I use this to set, bake and bronze my skin. In three shades, this is also perfect to highlight and contour areas of my face that need a little extra attention. Infused with calcium to help even out skin tone and keep it looking shine free.


Tissue Oil Hair Nourishing Elixir

In winter my fine hair gets particularly dry and brittle. Enter Justine’s Tissue Oil Elixir. Powerful antioxidants lock in moisture while also protecting my hair from harmful UVA rays.



Purely Perfect Matte Lipstick

I am not normally a fan of matte lipsticks, but this newly launched lipstick has the perfect consistency between matte and not drying my lips out. Intense colour pay off and lasts for hours. A must have and in every colour!​

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