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Fall in Love with Pro-Even Toned Skin

This month love takes centre stage. Whether it’s platonic, romantic or family affection, we are inspired to show the people around us that we see and appreciate them.

Fall in Love with Pro-Even Toned Skin

As South African women, we also understand that you often forget to look after yourself. That’s why we’ve created the A-Firm Brightening anti-ageing skincare range. Specifically made for South African women with melanin-rich skin to reduce hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and blemishes.


Over the years, you may have noticed your skin develop dark spots and uneven skin tone - those are signs of ageing. While we marvel at your everlasting natural beauty, we are pro-radiant skin, at any age, which is why we’re excited to tell you about the A-Firm Brightening Targeted Pigmentation & Dark Spot Corrector.


This 20ml tube contains 10 botanical extracts with melanin-reducing properties to help improve the appearance of uneven tone, dark spots and blemishes and restore your skin’s brightness. After just 3 days*, skin pigmentation is visibly improved. You can boost and maintain the results of your new skin routine by adding this clinically proven breakthrough dark spot corrector to your bathroom counter today.


Here’s what you had to say about the A-Firm Targeted Pigmentation & Dark Spot Corrector


A Targeted Pigmentation & Dark Spot Corrector That Works!
I have been using the A-Firm Brightening Targeted Pigmentation & Dark Spot Corrector and I keep looking at the areas I've been using it on, in disbelief. The dark spots I've been applying this product on, over the past month, have dramatically reduced in appearance. I could already see a difference in the dark spots within a few days of applying the product, but they have now almost completely faded away. I use the corrector twice a day, and I'm very impressed with the results I'm seeing.- Refiloe L.


I have seen a significant difference in my pigmentation spots after using the A-Firm Brightening dark spot corrector for only a few days. I am super excited about seeing what this product can do for me and my skin over the next few weeks.- Semone S.


Wow this product works! I had a pimple on my chin and after applying it for a day the pimple was gone and also I have been seeing a significant difference on my pigmentation, it’s been over a week using this product and my skin is looking even.- Aldecia.




I absolutely love it! I’ve been using the A-Firm Brightening anti-ageing range for a few months now and what stands out for me, is that my skin stays moisturised throughout the day.” - Lorna Maskeo, award-winning celebrity chef, media personality and entrepreneur.


* Based on a clinical study.




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