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Even, Radiant & Firm: Your A-Firm Brightening Routine

Get fast & effective results for even skin, a radiant complexion & a firmer lift when using the entire A-Firm Brightening range as part of your skincare routine.


Meet the range that supercharges your even skin tone results with an even more advanced skincare regimen, formulated for South African skin, that gently targets dark spots & rapidly decreases skin discoloration, for even, firm & matte-perfect results.

Who is the A-Firm Brightening Range for?

The A-Firm Brightening range is an advanced skincare technology specially formulated & tested for darker skin tones with the following skincare concerns:

• Dark spots

• Uneven skin tone

• Loss of density

• Sagging skin

• Oily skin

The A-Firm Brightening range works at enhancing the skin you have – giving it various skincare benefits that help to even skin tone & diminish dark marks & pigmentation. As the experts in skincare, we formulated the A-Firm Brightening range to even & firm skin, supporting your natural skin tone at its youthful best, not changing your beautiful shade, but encouraging it to glow radiantly & evenly.

Step 1 – Target

After cleansing your skin, the first step in your A-Firm Brightening regimen is to treat the delicate area where signs of ageing often appear the earliest: the eyes. Use the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Eye Cream twice a day to gently target specific ageing concerns such as fine lines, dark circles & sagging skin.


• Reduces dark circles under the eyes after 7 days**

• Reduces under-eye puffiness after 14 days**

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes, after 14 days**

Step 2 – Boost

The most effective way to boost the results of your A-Firm Brightening skincare regimen is by using the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Serum twice daily. This serum contains the highest concentration of The Power of 10 colour-management & anti-ageing actives. The A-Firm Brightening Serum also penetrates much deeper into the skin than moisturisers, improving your skin from the inside out with better & quicker results.


• Decreases the appearance of pigmentation & dark spots rapidly, after just 3 days*

• Improves overall uneven skin tone within as little as 7 days*

• Gives skin a boost of hydration for 24 hours*

Step 3 – Moisturise

A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Day Cream SPF 15- End your morning A-Firm Brightening skincare routine with the day cream to moisturise and protect your skin against external aggressors; applied after the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Serum for best results. The A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Day Cream has SPF 15 for vital protection against daily sun damage & from further dark spots & discolouration on the skin.

Benefits (when used with the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Night Cream)

• Brightens complexion & decreases the appearance of irregular skin tone in just 7 days*

• Improves the appearance of skin’s firmness after 28 days*, with smoother skin in just 2 weeks*

• Intensely hydrates skin with a 24-hour moisturising effect after just 1 application*

A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Night Cream – Your skin rests & recovers overnight; this makes it more receptive to the powerful ingredients in the A-Firm Brightening Night Cream. In order to get the brightest results, the night cream should be applied in the evenings after the serum, to help restore the skin’s youthful appearance & glow.

Benefits (when used with the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Day Cream)

• Decreases the appearance of darks spots & pigmentation in 28 days*

• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles after 28 days* & improves skin smoothness after just 2 weeks*

• Renews & restores skin with a 24-hour moisturisation effect *

Justine A-Firm Brightening Results

After using the entire A-Firm Brightening range, you should already start noticing reduced dark spots & discolouration in just 3 days* with an overall even skin tone effect in 7 days*. Your skin will also start feeling & looking smoother & firmer over time, while enjoying a matte, hydrated feel after each & every application. Be sure to shop the blog in order to stock up for your A-Firm Brightening routine & start experiencing the radiant, even & firm benefits of the range.

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