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Beauty Sleep is Real

Introducing Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil. Wake up to beautiful-looking skin with increased firmness & elasticity in 7 days* with the new Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil.

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No, it turns out it’s not just a term - beauty sleep is, in fact, real. We know this because we’ve experienced & seen it with our own eyes. Wake up to beautiful-looking skin with increased firmness & elasticity in 7 days* with the new Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil.


It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of life, so much so that we end up completely forgetting to give our bodies & minds the care they need to get us through our busy lives. So, incase you needed it, take this as your reminder to slow down & get some restorative ZZZs as you read on, because a healthy sleep cycle is important.



What happens to your skin whilst you sleep?


What happens to your skin whilst you sleep?

As we sleep, our skin repairs & rejuvenates itself - it goes through several important changes.

1. Regenerating skin cells
While you’re catching up on sleep, your skin cells are actively growing & repairing. This is when cells need nutrients the most.


2. Recovery mode
Inadequate sleep raises your cortisol levels, triggering inflammation that can lead to skin looking dull & sullen; therefore, skin needs adequate sleep to go into recovery mode.


3. Temperature changes
During the sleeping process, your skin temperature increases & your skin becomes more acidic – this results in drier skin.


4. Moisture loss
Sebum production decreases during the night, resulting in moisture loss; therefore, skin needs to be supplemented with added moisture.


5. Product absorption
During skin’s renewal mode, you experience maximum impact from skincare ingredients, making night- time skincare crucial for healthy, youthful skin.


Rest, repair & rejuvenate

Soothe the mind & body in luxurious tranquility & wake up to beautiful looking skin. Designed to be help soothe, relax & calm the senses for a good night sleep whilst hydrating, firming, restoring as you sleep. This is the product you’ll want to add to your existing skincare night-time regimen for real care & real rest.

1. Beautifies the skin

Clinically tested & shown to increase skin smoothness, firmness, & elasticity after 7 days. It’s formulated to help hydrate, firm, smooth, recover & restore the skin while you sleep.

Rest, repair &rejuvenate

2. Promotes a good night’s rest

Helps to improve the look of skin during the sleeping process, while enhancing the senses with a calming fragrance.

3. Soothes & relaxes the senses

Designed to be help soothe, relax & calm the senses for a good night sleep.

4. Hydrates & nourishes the skin

Clinically tested to increase skin hydration & provide 24-hour moisturisation, with a noticeable improvement in the skin’s overall condition after 4 weeks.

Formulated with #RealIngredients

It’s not uncommon knowledge that essential oils & fragrances help create a relaxing environment to improve sleep quality. Unwind with a soothing blend of Justine’s trusted Tissue Oil ingredients, enriched with therapeutic botanical extracts & essential oils that help to soothe, relax, & calm the senses for a good night’s sleep.


- Lavendar - commonly known for relaxation. It can have a calming & stress-relieving effects on the skin.

- Chamomile Extract - helps calm the mind & body, it has similar effects on the skin. Boost's anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin.

- Morroccan Rose Oil - known for its skin softening & anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used to help improve clogged & dehydrated skin while revitalising tired skin. Rose is considered to be a cellular regenerative & is used for wrinkled skin. - Aloe Vera - works together with the other ingredients to help relax, moisturise, condition & restore skin during the sleeping process.

How to use:

In the evening, after cleansing & toning, gently massage the product on to the skin using fingertips until completely absorbed. Don’t wait any longer, get the #RealBeautySleep you deserve tonight & every other night. Boost the repair process & ease the changes that skin goes through at night with Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil, because just as you need your beauty rest, so does your skin.


*Based on a clinical study .

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